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Job description

plumberInstallation of a system of pipes and equipment to supply water and other systems of pipes and equipment to take care of waste and sewage.

Plumbers handle waste, sewage, and soil pipes; vents and leader pipes for hot and cold water for homes, commercial and industrial purposes. Work includes the assembly of and connecting of fixtures and appliances; the maintenance and repairing of plumbing, etc. Work in high places and enclosed spaces where the job requires: climbing, bending, stooping, crawling, kneeling, lifting, and working in extreme temperature ranges. Assembles, installs, and repairs pipes, fittings, fixtures, and systems of heating, water, drainage, Natural gas, and Medical gas according to specifications and plumbing codes. Studies building plans and working drawings to determine work aids required and sequence of installations. Inspects structure to ascertain obstructions to be avoided to prevent weakening of structure resulting from installation of pipe.

Locates and marks position of pipe and pipe connections and passage holes for pipes in walls and floors. Cuts openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipe and pipe fittings, using hand and power tools. Cuts and threads pipe using pipe cutters, cutting torch, and pipe threading machine. Bends pipe to required angle by use of pipe bending machine or by placing pipe over block and bending it by hand. Assembles and installs valves, pipe fittings, and pipes composed of metals such as iron, steel, brass, and lead, and nonmetals such as glass, vitrified clay, and plastic; using hand and power tools. Joins pipes by use of screws, bolts, fittings, solder, plastic solvent, brazing, welding and caulked joints.

Fills pipe systems with water, air or gas, and reads pressure gauges to determine whether system is leaking. Installs and repairs plumbing fixtures such as; sinks, commodes, bathtubs, water heaters, hot water tanks, garbage disposal units, dishwashers and water softeners. Repairs and maintains plumbing by replacing washers in leaking faucets, repairing broken pipes, and opening clogged drains. Must have working knowledge of building and mechanical codes. May weld supports to steel structural members.

Apprenticeship program

Apprenticeship Applications are accepted year-round, but interviews are given on an industry need basis.

Applications are accepted at the employment agencies and at the apprenticeship office. The apprenticeship training department will administer the required testing.

The program includes 10,000 hours/5 years of on-the-job training and related-instruction taking place 2 nights each week for the Duluth and Iron Range areas between the months of September and May of each year. The program includes 10,000 hours/5 years of on-the-job training and daytime related-instruciton taking place every other Friday and Saturday for 8 hours between the months of September and May of each year.


  • Must have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED) and furnish transcripts
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be physically able to perform the work of the trades

Selection procedures

All applicants must take and pass the Wonderlic basic skills and personnel test in order to be interviewed by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee.

Those who score well enough will be interviewed and graded by the Joint Apprenticeship Committee. They will receive a composite score consisting of their test score, interview, past experience, etc.

Applicants will then be placed on a list of eligibles in a descending order, according to their composite score.

More Information

Tools Needed

Employers will furnish the necessary tools.

Transportation Requirements

Workers need to provide their own transportation. The job sites are scattered.


Eight hour days, anywhere between 7:00 AM and 5:30 PM. Once in a while, workers will be required to work in the evenings.


Apprentice wage starts at 36% (in Local 11-Duluth) or 40% (in Local 11-Detroit Lakes and in Local 589) of the wage earned by a Journeyworker, with a 5% raise every 6 months thereafter based on performance, attendance, and reviews.

Union Dues

Membership dues are $29 for apprentices in Local 11-Duluth and a percentage of the joyrney level dues in Local 11-Detroit Lakes and in Local 589.

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